A spa is ideal for relaxation in the new year

Saturday January 7 2017

A Thai reflexology being applied on a client at Maka &Yura Spa in Nyarutarama.  PHOTO | CYRIL NDEGEYA

A Thai reflexology being applied on a client at Maka &Yura Spa in Nyarutarama. PHOTO | CYRIL NDEGEYA 

By Denise Tuyi

Wellness and affordability sometimes don’t go hand in hand but if looking for a relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of a busy work week especially now that the year has begun it is only right to give yourself a visit to the spa.

Kigali’s spa scene is laden with several options from cheap and cramped to expensive and luxurious.

I recently gave two spas a visit just to experience the diversity of what they offer and at around the same price range of Rwf25,000.

Maka and Yura spa located in Nyarutarama’s suburban estate just behind MTN centre is a 15 minutes’ drive from Kigali.

As one enters the spa, Zen music plays at a low volume as essential oils waft through the reception room giving you an aura of tranquility.

I gave their Thai reflexology a try having had a tiring week of sitting in office and running around. Kristen Kalisana the masseuse in the reception area advised me that I would get the most out of it. As I waited for Janet Uwitonze the massage therapist to get ready I read through some magazines and pictorial books to keep busy.

As with spa sessions, all clothes need to be removed and one is given a towel to cover. Total silence is expected during a session to achieve maximum serenity be it during the massages, waxing, facial care or cellulite removal period.

Maka & Yura beauty spa’s amenities include a reception lounge that consists of Clarins beauty products on display, a couple’s massage room, a solo massage room, an LPG cellulite removal room, and a relaxation room after the massage where one gets to choose to have a cup of green tea or a glass of water as they relax.

Josephine Mpore calls the wellness centre her ‘slice of life’ because it comprises of what she loves and believes in. The name Maka and Yura is derived from her daughter and her great niece respectively giving the health spa unique name.

“One hour of massage is equivalent to four hours of rest so my best advice to anyone is to take one treatment at least once a month and your life will be transformed,” remarked Ms Mpore on the benefits of relaxation.

Their prices start from Rwf25,000 upwards depending on the product or service you need.

On this Ms Mpore said, “The pricing is standard for luxurious spa treatment here for such quality treatment.” Ms Mpore has spent most of her life in Belgium and a visit back home one summer had her thinking of ways to give back to the country with her expertise.

A client at the spa Claudine Uwamahoro said, “This spa is different f because the owner studied for it and is conscious of what she is doing. She is hands-on making it more customer-friendly and is there most of the times if you need her. Finally it is close to where I stay making it convenient for me to unwind whenever I need to.”

Open from Tuesday to Sunday Maka & Yura spa offers Zen relaxation in a spacious and serene location.

Spa Beauty Care located in the Beausejour Hotel located on the airport road next to the new WASAC building also gives spa services.

The spa is open from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm although it’s located on a principal road and in a hotel building, it is not as spacious with only two rooms that can accommodate only one person and the masseuse at a time.

The spa however has a good pocket-friendly pay plan and with Rwf10,000 you can get a 30 minute Swedish massage. Their most priced treatment is the 90 minutes deep tissue massage that goes for Rwf25,000.

The said massage is an intensive one that not only renders you asleep but in an hour and a half later one gets out rejuvenated while spa oils used on you exude a scent that lingers on way after the session.

Depending on what you want and how much you plan to spend the spas are a great solution to start a week feeling rejuvenated and in good spirits.