Obama’s support for same sex marriage, a new immoral era

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Posted  Saturday, May 12   2012 at  16:32

THE DARING affirmation by US President Barack Obama that people must respect the rights of homosexual has become the developing world’s worst enemy currently. This affirmation has been termed Obama’s political and moral suicide by his challengers.

The Western nations boast of their inventions and scientific discoveries and seem to labour under the misconception that they have succeeded in fathoming the secrets of creation itself.

God’s secrets are so inexhaustible and unfathomable that what these people have discovered and will discover hereafter is but a drop in the ocean.

Moral life for the developing world is a very precious thing both socially and spiritually. Man has been created to serve a very noble and grand purpose. But men frivolously turn their minds, time and energy in pursuing foolish diversions.

It is against the interests of public peace and morality to substitute God for these Sodom and Gomorrah depravities.

The Christian nations of the West, after acquiring wealth, power and dominion, are making God’s earth abound, as the Bible says, in sin and iniquity and misleading developing nations with a weak moral base.

Hussein S. Hafidh.
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South Sudan must work at lasting peace

In an interesting twist of events, South Sudan shut down its oil fields in January 2012 in a row over the fees Sudan demanded to transit the oil to Port Sudan. The newly seceded country was unhappy that $36 was charged per barrel instead of about $1 it felt was the right consideration for the service. The inflow of hard currency in this war-hardened country has been pathetically low because it largely depends on oil revenue. Indeed, 98 per cent of its economy is funded by oil revenue.

In the year 2009, when I was working there, the Sudanese pound had a mean rate of 2.3-2.5 to the dollar. Currently, the currency it adopted, the South Sudanese pound is trading at almost 4 to the dollar. This is a huge devaluation by whatever standards.

Abyei which geographically lies in South Sudan is still claimed by Sudan which has refused to let it go because of its oil riches. This has not gone down well with South Sudan which has been appealing to the international community to intervene for proper border demarcation.

In April, President Salva Kiir blew his top and led his troops to Heglig for a violent campaign. The troops captured the oil field before Sudan hit back like incensed hornet. In the ensuing campaign, both countries lost hundred of their soldiers in the bloodiest fight since the perennial enemies seceded in July 2011. They also destroyed the oil rig and other equipment valued at million of dollars.

It is unfortunate that both countries are still in enmity while they are supposed to be harnessing their human and economic resources.

Salva’s leadership is laudable in that he has tried as much as possible to steer his country back to war. However, his decision to shut down the oil fields wasn’t entirely right considering the fact that South Sudan is in desperate need of foreign currencies. Being a net importer, this country needs a constant inflow of foreign currency to sustain its economy. President Kiir would have opted for a negotiation with Sudan to transit the oil at an agreeable rate rather than shutting down the oil fields.

The fact that Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan entered into a deal to construct a pipeline, railway and road network to connect the three countries to the Lamu port cannot be a solution to South Sudan in the short term. The country needs to use Port Sudan as it seeks lasting peace with Khartoum.

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