Banda says she’s not stupid; is that’s why she doesn’t want a free press underfoot?

Saturday May 11 2013

I am a woman but not stupid! Malawi President Joyce Banda accused the media of undermining her for refusing to sign a Bill that would enhance media freedom. Mrs Banda said being a woman does not mean that she is “stupid and has no brain.”
President Banda’s refusal to sign the document has put her government on a collision course with the media, with some pundits arguing that she is taking the country back to the dark ages of the late Kamuzu Banda’s rule.

Help, my brain’s leaking out of my nose…

You brain is oozing out of your nose. Joe Nagy initially noticed a clear liquid dribbling out of his nose once or twice a week, but it soon became a problem week-round. Rather than a runny nose, doctors found that the membrane surrounding Mr Nagy’s brain had a hole in it and his brain fluid was leaking out.

After 18 months, he eventually sought the opinion of a specialist after an embarrassing incident in which a dollop splashed on to blueprints for model aeroplanes. Doctors were able to find the leak and were able to fix it with routine surgery, although it was complicated by Mr Nagy suffering from a bout of near-deadly meningitis.

Send not to ask for whom the whistle blows

An Indian woman has given birth to twins on a moving train. Zubin Nisha and her husband Habibullah were travelling on the Kushinagar Express from Mumbai to Gonda for the birth of the twin boys when Zubin went into labour on the train between Unnao and Lucknow.  Habibullah said his wife gave birth with the help of other passengers before the train reached Lucknow. “I can call this a rare blessing of God almighty that my kids come into this world in such a manner,” said the husband.

Free speech includes donkey jokes

A youth leader from Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change party was thrown into remand prison for at least seven days for allegedly calling President Robert Mugabe a limping donkey.

Solomon Madzore allegedly said the veteran ruler was “a limping donkey who was making it difficult for Tsvangirai to rule properly in the unity government.” Human rights lawyers termed it criminalisation of free speech.

Talking animals, talking dolls, talking pyjamas?

Bedtime stories are used by parents as a way of connecting with their children. But now there is an innovative hi-tech pair of pyjamas can now read your kids a bedtime story! The Smart Pyjamas from the UK,  being the world’s first and only interactive bedtime clothing that will actually read your children a story, is targeting working parents. Prospective clients are resisting because bedtime stories are always a special time for parent and child.