Want to lose weight? Cut out paint, Vaseline, raw potatoes, soap powder…

Saturday April 27 2013

A British woman is in distress due to her rare disorder of eating while asleep. Lesley Cusack, 55, keeps herself on a strict diet during the day because she has no control over what she eats while asleep at night. She now suffers from weight problems because she eats even what she would not dare touch while awake.

She has eaten emulsion paint, Vaseline, cough syrup, raw potatoes and soap powder.  Dr Paul Reading, Consultant Neurologist and President of the British Sleep Society, said explained that benign sleepwalking is a common phenomenon in childhood which usually disappears during early adolescence. However, around one per cent of adults will continue to exhibit complex activities (parasomnias) that arise from the deepest stages of sleep shortly after dropping off.

Good evening, this is the $#*ing news

The shortest TV career ever?  North Dokota TV Anchor AJ Clemente was sacked after swearing with his very first words on air. The foul-mouthed exclamation was clearly heard just before female co-host was about to introduce the presenter on the Bismarck-based station’s Evening Report show.

While clearly attempting to regain his composure, Mr Clemente stumbled and slurred his words as he attempted to introduce himself to the shocked viewers.  The KFYR TV director apologised on behalf of the station to viewers for Mr Clemente’s use of a profanity on the air. While the anchor did not realise his microphone was on, it was no excuse for having a foul mouth.

Woman in bridal dress covers breaking news

When duty calls!  A Chinese TV reporter dashes out of her own wedding to cover earthquake! Chen Ying was about to get married when a powerful earthquake hit the city of Ya’an, her cue to grab a microphone and start reporting on the aftermath.

Television viewers in China may have been surprised to see a TV journalist wearing a white wedding dress while reporting on the devastating earthquake to hit the country’s Sichuan province. While her employers are no doubt impressed by her dedication, the reaction of her husband-to-be is less certain.

Winkelhimer Smith the painter squirrel

A domesticated squirrel has conceived a passion for painting, earning admirers from across the globe. Named Winkelhimer Smith, the Louisiana-based squirrel grabs the paintbrush in her mouth and spends hours every week creating artwork that is sold on eBay for charity.

According to her owner, Shyla Mouton, Smith’s favourite colour is yellow. “Squirrels are really smart about mimicking things you do, so she would watch me paint and she started to come and mess with the brushes. She decided it was lots of fun and that’s how the squirrel painting started,” the owner revealed. Smith has become a star on the Internet and now has her very own Facebook, YouTube and Twitter account.

Give this burglar a job! Seriously, he needs one

A scared burglar in Benesti, Romania became frightened when he heard a strange noise and rang police from under a bed of his would-be victim. Marius Ionescu, 31, mistook the family cat for another burglar in the house, causing him to head for cover and wait for the authorities to come and rescue him.

When the police turned up, they did not discover anyone else in the house except for the burglar himself and promptly arrested him. The policed noticed that given his nervous disposition, he probably should look for another job.