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‘The Malaysian Air Crash’

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By The Malaysian Air Crash

Posted  Saturday, March 15   2014 at  11:07

The ocean swallows aeroplanes:
The fuselage, the failing wings.

The manifest of innocents
Floats softly on the quiet waves.

Two hundred bodies lie at rest,
Interred within an ocean trench.

Two passports are suspicious, so
Once more we’re ‘hunting terrorists’.

‘State Pay Cuts’

Austerity means slashing pay
And cutting jobs
And weeding out,
So why not simply cull us and

Have done with all the niceties?
Arrange the rich,
Expensive ones
Along a trench, and shoot them all.

Austerity’s a foolish route:
Instead of this,
Try spending cash
To boost our stalled economy.

Stephen Partington
[email protected]